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Share the love in our comment section! Is the old Taylor truly dead? But the single sure is an explosive way to open the album. Who it might be about: Other than an one-liner allude to ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris, the track is just the first of many love letters to come about Joe Alwyn. The first sign of her R. The first single from Reputation is still Taylor at her utmost savage. Taylor sings about falling in love on this dreamy number. We all got an early listen to this unabashed declaration of a crush — complete with the butterflies, jealousy and shameless compliments that come along with having one.

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Overlapping romances could only mean one thing: On the comment section and show your support of either or side. Can I get a few links please of the information that disproves this, though? Honestly I dont care who he dates.

Im not a crazy L fan. KPopRanter September 28, KPopRanter September 28, at 2: In the first picture, this is Song Ah Ri.. The first picture is not Kim Do Yeon. Kacey K November 27, at 9: Maki November 28, at 4: Kacey K November 29, at Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Comment Name Email Website. I'm a woman myself but I truly have no words for the logic of some female fans. A lot of the L homepage admins have already acknowledged that he's dating anyway. He should have more respect for his fans L's dating Kim Do Yeon?

Couple clothes, bracelet, sneakers 'draw attention' Source: E-Today via Nate 1. The industry is so weird. Kim Do Yeon also tweeted a long message where if you read the first character of each sentence going down, it has a secret message that says, "I miss you, Myungsoo-ya. Fans also think that they got into a fight because L took a picture with actress Han Boreum. This was further fueled by an unni friend of Kim Do Yeon tweeting, "I want to cut the fur off of the tail of Boreum.

Ex-After School Member Clarifies Dating Rumors With BIGBANG’s G-Dragon

At least she looks more natural. She should just stop and kim do yeon g dragon dating talk anymore. IF its all true and girl ain't bein crazy then idc if he's dating or not, do whatever you like with whoever you like it aint my business but its uncool that he's using his fans or popularity to make amends with his gf on sns like as if he thinks bein slightly open about it will make things better in her eyes jus cuz he got fans who he thinks will fall for it. Just get on with your life, and stop using L as your claim to any sort of fame. They are just one facet, one view of the many different views that exist. Is the old Taylor truly dead? If that wasn't enough, here's more: If you look at her Pann photos, she really does look like she had plastic surgery Instiz, Ready Made Is Mostly based off Instagram activity and social media similarities, the Taeyeon x G-Dragon shipping has to be the kim do yeon g dragon dating unrealistic of the lot sorry TaeGon shippers! BoA September 26, at Clingy and possessive girls are so not attractive. No prizes for guessing who this doe-eyed beauty plays in Meteor Garden ! What's wrong with her dating her boyfriend? It was the company who said that "L wanted to confess".

Don't touch my close friend's boyfriend!!!!!!! What pissed fans off even more is that L then psoted a series of tweets that seemingly read like messages for his fans but they were underlying messages to his girlfriend.

8 Female Celebrities That Have Been Linked With G-Dragon | Teenage Magazine

Myungsoo-ya, what's wrong with you Are you teasing us with those tweets? I left the fandom the minute I read those tweets. LOL are they in high school or something posting things like that on Twitter-. Does anyone else have other pictures of her? And whether the girl s are worthy of dating or not, it's not up to us to judge who they should and shouldn't date.

No wonder idols date secretly, it only takes a few crazies to blow things out of proportion. Her face looks pretty plastic but how on earth can they call her cheap when they don't even know her? I'm disappointed that he used his fans to grovel to his girlfriend. If I didn't know who 'L' is, this would certainly be just another high-school love story.

BigBang's G Dragon shoots down dating rumor with Sandara Park and revealed he's not dating anyone

Oh dear, if you're gonna have to keep it secret for whatever reason please just stay quiet. Both clearly can't do cryptic messages well: Kpop fans are so pathetic. Get real, you're oppa is never gonna fuck you. So you expect him not to live his life? Oppa can do better. All these dating idols revealed recently can do better. They know more than what normal fans know and they keep it to themselves unless things don't go the way they wanted.

BigBang’s G-Dragon and Jooyeon ‘first K-pop couple of 2018’ after being seen on holiday together

Stephanie Park September 26, at BoA November 29, at 5: Zee September 26, at Remember, we're just fans. Taylor was infamously noted for jumping from Calvin Harris into the arms of Tom Hiddleston, making Tom the man behind the wheel. Newsen via Nate 1. Thats her distinctive feature. GO and Choi Ye Seul announce they will be moving in together with consent from their parents. Kim do yeon g dragon dating face looks pretty plastic but how on earth can they call her cheap when they don't even know her? His twitter was some 8th grader's myspace shit on his emo phase, like fucking christ. LOL You get involved knowing the consequences and views against it. But many people have questioned his sexuality. Coco November 29, at 3: NotPerfect November 29, at 4:

It's like highlighting the jewelry awkwardly. Their proofs are always absurd.

INFINITE’s L Engaged in Dating Rumors with Ulzzang Kim Do Yeon

It's also a well known fact that he was dating, it was just kept hush. But no one is exactly sure who she is, it may be her or it may be not her. But one thing is for sure: The girl go so much plastic surgery. I remember L staying how he like girls like Suzy and that girl is as natural as it gets but this girl damn is all I gotta say.

8 Female Celebrities That Have Been Linked With G-Dragon

Sep 28, Thirsty as ever Do Yeon took a selca on SNS with a mysterious hand with Yoona and Kim Soo Hyun's dating scandal and delete the articles?. Sep 28, This isn't your normal dating scandal and I wish it wasn't compared to the rest. Isn' t it The girl isn't even confirmed to be Kim Do Yeon.

What I find most pathetic in these posts is the fact that the fans think the idols "can do better. And who are we to judge people we don't know in person and whose circumstances we know close to nothing except for whatever thing the press feeds. I mean all of this celebrities going public and it's not even the month of love.

He can date anyone! But please, don't make that heart break even worse for you. Ya know, it's better to see his dating issue with a girl rather than his gay issue like you guys made!